How to profit in a crypto bear market

Sometimes, periods of extreme greed in markets can be a forewarning of a possible major dip or even crash looming on the horizon. Whilst writing this article, the only two coins in the top ten of the cryptocurrency market, currently in the green are Ethereum and Dogecoin. It appears that cryptocurrency investors are chasing theContinue reading “How to profit in a crypto bear market”

What type of Crypto Investor are you?

I recently decided to conduct a poll on reddit in the r/cryptocurrency sub to gauge the mindset of crypto investors. The sub has over two million subscribers and I managed to get 378 redditors to participate in the poll. I asked four questions which allowed me to place the participants in four categories ranging fromContinue reading “What type of Crypto Investor are you?”

Coinbase IPO and its effect on Crypto

On April 14th Coinbase will officially list on the Nasdaq under the ticker COIN. The cryptocurrency exchange is picking the perfect time to list with its exchange trading volumes at all time highs. The Crypto exchange behemoth is very popular and is looking to list for around $400 a share when public trading on itContinue reading “Coinbase IPO and its effect on Crypto”

Cryptocurrency in the new roaring twenties

The period of the 1920’s was characterized by scantily clad flappers, prohibition, a booming stock market and machine gun wielding gangsters. The World in 1920 had just clawed its way out of a dark period of a World War and the deadly Spanish flu which accounted for the loss of millions of lives. This periodContinue reading “Cryptocurrency in the new roaring twenties”

Passive income through cryptocurrency

The age old mantra “Hard work always pays off” isn’t necessarily true in my opinion. Hard work pays off if you’re the person at the top and have people working hard for you. In this age we now live in with the abysmal savings rates that banks provide on savings accounts, we are forced toContinue reading “Passive income through cryptocurrency”

Bitcoin looking to break $13000

Might be time to check your bitcoin holdings, chances are that it is worth significantly more now. Bitcoin has been on a steady increase lately due to number of positive factors that have contributed to its rise. Large institutions have been purchasing significant amounts of Bitcoin as a hedge against the future threat of rampantContinue reading “Bitcoin looking to break $13000”

Top 5 Crypto Staking Coins for 2020

The dream of one day living off of staking rewards from investing in cryptocurrencies with Proof of stake has been my dream since proof of stake came into the cryptocurrency world. Just like dividends are earned from stocks, so too can you earn dividends from certain cryptocurrencies in the form of more coins through staking.Continue reading “Top 5 Crypto Staking Coins for 2020”

Is Polka Dot(DOT) a good buy?

Nothing excites me more than seeing a brand new blockchain suddenly appearing in the top 10 of cryptocurrencies virtually overnight. Polka Dot after experiencing a few delays launched itself into the crypto universe and immediately found its place in the coveted top ten of all cryptos. Launching around the end of August it hit anContinue reading “Is Polka Dot(DOT) a good buy?”