How to transfer Byron era Yoroi wallet to Shelley era wallet on Yoroi IOS

The solution to this problem is extremely easy although it can be a little confusing if you don’t know the right way to do this. I’ll explain this in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open your Yoroi mobile app and log in. I am using IOS although I’m sure Yoroi Android works the same. You should see at the bottom the option to add wallet Shelley era or add wallet Byron era.

Step2: Select the add Shelley era option and on the next screen you will see three options. Select the option to create new wallet. I made the mistake of trying to restore a wallet using the seed phrase from my Byron era wallet. This is incorrect as a Shelley wallet is an entirely different wallet. Great!! you now have created a Shelley era wallet. Make sure you carefully write down the seed phrase and keep them in a secure place. You will also need to create a spending password which you should write down in a safe place.

Step 3: Go back to your Byron era wallet and send a small amount of Cardano ADA to your new Shelley wallet you just created using the new Shelley wallet address. Continue checking the new Shelley wallet until the amount you sent pops up. If you did everything correctly you will see the small ADA amount now sitting pretty in your new Shelley wallet.


If you do see the test amount then congrats you have successfully created a new Shelley wallet and have successfully transferred your first ADA amount. Continue doing this till your entire balance from your Byron era wallet is in your new Shelley era wallet. I came across a problem where I had forgotten my spending password for my Byron era wallet. If this happens to you DONT PANIC! it’s ok. So long as you have your seed phrase for your Byron era wallet you can delete the old one and create a new Byron era wallet and there create a new spending password. So long as you have your Byron era seed phrase you will have no problem creating a Shelley era wallet and safely transferring your Cardano ADA balance.

Step4: This is the fun part. Once you have your ADA in your new Shelley wallet you can begin staking and earn a passive income on your crypto which the whole basis for why I created this site. Go to this site and choose a pool you like. Now go to the delegate tab at the bottom right corner of your Shelley wallet and enter the pool ID which will not be the pool’s name but the wrong string of letters and numbers that should be under the pool’s name on the list at the mentioned website.

Step 5: Enter the amount of Cardano ADA you wish to stake and all you have to do from this point on is sleep soundly at night knowing that your crypto is earning you more while you sleep. Happy staking everyone, hope this helps you out.


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