Bitmain sold out of ASIC miners?

looking at the Bitmain site today I noticed they were completely sold out of every available ASIC miner. The shipping dates seem backdated as they refer to being sold out yet their shipping dates state June dates which would put them as being available. Doesn’t seem to make sense yet this company is notorious for being a monopoly that does control a significant size of the ASIC market share so why would they care on being accurate with their shipping dates and inventory so long as customers are buying.

On a brighter note though with Bitmain being sold out on their main inventory it does show that Bitcoin miners are very confident going forward that the price of Bitcoin will increase. Bear in mind that Bitcoin miners are forward looking and the fact that they are purchasing bulk quantities of ASIC miners shows their confidence in a potential higher Bitcoin price in the near future.

There seems to be a lot of recent tailwinds that bode well for Bitcoin and the general whole crypto ecosystem as a whole going forward if miners are buying ASIC systems in bulk. Miners would only buy ASIC miners in bulk if they were confident in the price of Bitcoin rising in the near future.

This recent signal of sold out ASIC systems from one of the few providers does lend credence to the fact that we are indeed entering a bull market for Bitcoin and the rest of the Cryptocurrency market.

Below is a screenshot of current inventory of Bitmain ASIC miners as of the time of writing of this post


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