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How to profit in a crypto bear market

Sometimes, periods of extreme greed in markets can be a forewarning of a possible major dip or even crash looming on the horizon. Whilst writing this article, the only two coins in the top ten of the cryptocurrency market, currently in the green are Ethereum and Dogecoin. It appears that cryptocurrency investors are chasing the…

What type of Crypto Investor are you?

I recently decided to conduct a poll on reddit in the r/cryptocurrency sub to gauge the mindset of crypto investors. The sub has over two million subscribers and I managed to get 378 redditors to participate in the poll. I asked four questions which allowed me to place the participants in four categories ranging from…

Coinbase IPO and its effect on Crypto

On April 14th Coinbase will officially list on the Nasdaq under the ticker COIN. The cryptocurrency exchange is picking the perfect time to list with its exchange trading volumes at all time highs. The Crypto exchange behemoth is very popular and is looking to list for around $400 a share when public trading on it…

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